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Santa Monica Pictures' Rental Special!


Rent the Sony PD-150 3CCD camera package for only $100.00 per day from Santa Monica Pictures. This camera is perfect for low-light shoots, weddings or project that needs a broadcast quality camera. Package includes a Sony fluid head tripod with remote zoom control and a universal camera light with battery. The camera also comes with two long life batteries for all-day shoots. Please call today to book this camera at 614-832-0113.

Camera and Video Editing Equipment:


The Canon XL-1 or XL-2 is the prefered choice of all independent filmmakers along with Hollywood heavyweights like Steven Soderbergh.


The Canon GL-2 is a more affordable but still breathtaking camera perfect for weddings and sports videos. You will get beautiful picture and sound quality with the GL-2.


The Canon XL-1 or XL-2 matched with Final Cut Pro editing software is a winning combination. The XL-2 and FCP HD will able you to shoot and finish any project in High Definition. Please contact us if you are interested in using any of our award-winning camera's or video editing machine's.

To reserve any equipment or to book an editing suite please contact us.
Phone: 614-832-0113

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