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The main purpose of UTFVS is to work with other area arts organizations to further educate the University and surrounding communities about film and video, to illustrate that the arts are in an integral part of daily culture on campus, to introduce a larger audience to locally produced independent work, and to work in conjunction with the University of Toledo Film and Video program on annual events.

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Toledo Area Freelancers List

(This list is sponsored by UT Film and Video Society, please use these resources to benefit Toledo area filmmakers. To be added to this free list of freelancers in the area, please email us at UTFVS@yahoo.com)

Michael E. Cullen II /419-475-3910/ HDIV1@hotmail.com/ acting, cameraman, directing

Steve Long /419-381-8124/ craziestevie@yahoo.com/ directing, crew, editing, acting, craft table food

Stephen Snowden /513-518-0620/ SnowdenF@aol.com/ directing, acting, crew

James Newton /330-704-6110/ FERUS1920@hotmail.com/ crew, edit

Brittany Lamb /no phone/ bllamb06@yahoo.com/ crew

Patrick Hickey /no phone/ vash62@hotmail.com/ actor, fight chor.

Chris Gierowski /419-530-1864/ TEPALL@cox.net/ crew, acting

Jason Purcel /419-514-4290/ kropem@hotmail.com/ D.P., crew

Nathan Pinsoneavlt /419-514-1726/ npinsone@cs.com/ crew

Richard Seemueller /614-571-7176/ r_seemueller@hotmail.com/ crew, writer, actor

Jon Taylor /248-444-1737/ mynameisjon@hotmail.com/ PA, prod. management, lighting, cinematography

Rob Thrasher /419-382-8504/ jaxon1031@hotmail.com/ writer, crew, editing

Jeff Mark Barr /419-244-6525/ utfvs@yahoo.com/ writer, crew, editing, producing, directing

Jessica L. Hines /419-726-5870/ Jlgirl210@aol.com/ crew

Anna Marie Farone /440-241-4126 or 419-530-6415/ crew


UT Film/Video Society Officers
President: Jeffrey Mark Barr (Senior)

Vice President: Michael E. Cullen II (Junior)

Secretary: Jessica Moore (sophomore)

Treasurer: Brittany Lamb (sophomore)

Academic Adviser: Tammy Kinsey

Non-Academic Adviser: Jody Branham

UT/FV Society Film Festival Commitee President

Septemeber Film Series coordinator(s)- Jeff Barr & Mike Cullen

October Film Series coordinator: Jody Branham (Senior)

Photographer: Anyone interested in being the official photographer for
UTFVS Events?

The UT Film and Video Society
est. 2002
Contact Info:
Reel of Film
University of Toledo Film and Video Society
University of Toledo Bancroft Campus, Performing Arts building
Toledo, Ohio 43606

(419) 244-6525

Or e-mail:utfvs@yahoo.com