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Response to Jeff's Top Ten Directors

From Tabitha:
I wanted to comment on your list of top ten directors and of course, the bottom five.

On the top ten, where was Ron Howard?? The man won the Oscar and you didn't even have in the "Considerations". Considering some of the terrific films that he has directed over the years and this being his first Oscar, at the very least, he deserved a nod in your "Consideration"

As for worst directors... I really enjoyed "The Mummy Returns" Now maybe it was cheesy for being a sequel, but the storyline itself was terrific on how it tied into the first one and the special effects were amazing! (Minus the Rock in his "Scorpion Body" at the end. Hey I give credit where its due... but I also can give raspberries when I see something bad.)

What amazes me is that you had Memento (Too confusing) as your number one pick period and a consideration for Vanilla Sky (Confusing and stupid)

Either way, I still enjoy this online periodical... and I think that its lovely that you have little "Get Well" remarks all over your site for Bev. I am in her writers group and think that she is a lovely and amazing woman.


"Freddy Got Fingered" Worst film of 2001!
Tom Green is by far the Worst Director of 2001. My Bad!

For Video Games the X-Box and Sega Dreamcast are the Favorites

Written by Justine Barr

I love video game systems; I think they rock. My two favorite as of now are the Sega Dreamcast, and Microsoft Xbox. The Xbox just came out around christmas time, at the starting price is at $299, which is a pretty good deal because you also get a DVD player included in the system. The Playstation two also is the same price has a dvd player, but the major difference is the graphics of games to come. This is where the Xbox has a clear advantage. The PS2 will look very outdated in a year or so. The Xbox currently has about 45 games out and a few are original titles, but the rest are ports from the PS2. I have personally only played a few, but all of them kicked ass. The game HALO has to be the best game ever made, for the following reasons: very long and detailed levels, a very hard game, and it is not easy to beat like many games. It is also a very creative game with a lot of imagination used to create it. I do not know how to explain it, but if you have an Xbox out there go and rent it, than buy it! If you do not have the system, just because of this game, it is reason enough to buy it!

The Sega Dreamcast is also a system that I own. It just came out just two years ago, but due to financial reasons Sega is no longer making the systems and only one game is left to be released. This makes me sad, because this is a next-generation system and it deserves to still be in the spotlight. Here are some great games that I love for Dreamcast: Unreal Tornanment(a first-person shooter), Crazy taxi, Powerstone, Virtua Tennis. and beginning a few months ago the games dropped in price dramatically($5-40). The system also dropped in price from $80 to $50 over the Christmas season, but all the new systems are officially sold out, so try to find a used one for around the same price now.

When I go to Best Buy, Video Game Express and Blockbuster looking for dvd's, video games and movies, Best Buy has the most Dreamcast games. Still, to get the cheapest prices go to your local video game store' you will get a better deal and they might have games that you may not see at Best Buy.

A Special Note for all Americans

 A Day We Can't Forget

Written by Justine Barr

Everyone was so brave that today, when you would think they would go hide in a corner.

People are risking their lives for people they dont even know, can you imagine... to this magnitude.

We became as one, on this day this year of Semptember 11th, 2001, and we will never leave as anythign but one.

I believe this event was to show us that we all need to change. We have to work together in order to survive together.

No one would of wanted us to realize this fact, by what happened. But that is exactly what it has done for us.

All of our eyes are now wide open, and will hopefully stay that way.

We will never forget the ones that were lost that day, they will live on forever in all of our hearts. And in those hearts, of people they didnt even know.

It hit everyone different, this event. But in a way, something was the same that touched each and everyone person in the world.

Whatever that feeling is, I cant explain it.... its their and everyone knows what im talking about.

I am proud to be an American after these events. Because i saw all the good in people.

People working untill they fall over. Just hoping that they will find someone alive.

New York was hit it the hardest, but were are all still with you, and alwasy will be.

America is stronger because of this horific event, and we will never go back to the way things were.

This is to everyone. Always remember September 11th. With that you will remember all the hurt you felt of the ones you lost, and all your loved ones. But remember. WE SURVIVED IT. WE CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING, AS LONG AS WE STICK TOGETHER.

Hi my name is Justine Barr. I felt like i had to write something for the 6th month anniversery of sempt. 11th. I have never been to nyc but when this happened i know everyone felt as if a part of them was missing and will never be returned. I couldnt believe what happened, It took a while for it to kick in as reality. I mean i watched it on the tv allllllllllll the time, but I woudlnt allow myself to actually believe it. One night i was watching a movie, i dont recall what it was but it was very sad also. I thought that when i started crying it was just becuase of the movie's ending. But after talking it through with (mrs.mgoo) my buddy, she told me that it was everythign i was keeping in about what happened. And that it was bound to come out sometime. I just remember i couldnt stop crying, i think i used up a whole box of tissues that night. [ :( ] She told me it was okay to cry about what  happened, to not hold it in.  

i hope you understand what i wrote, it sort of just came out. -justine




Mulder is Back, BABY!!

Written by Justine Barr 

It was just announced Wednesday the 20th, 2002 that Duchovny is back for the final, for the xfiles. Also that he will be directing and episode that him and C.C. (creator) co wrote. Even though he wont be in that episode acting wise, I still believe you will be able to feel "mulder/duchovny" with you, as you watch the show.

I can not tell you how happy i was to hear that he was coming back. It just wouldnt be right without haveing Mulder back for the END of the series, not classy to me. Duchovny felt the same way, that is why he decided to come back. As we all know from his interviews he didnt want to come back, but in his heart he knew what he had to do. Dont get me wrong i love D.D., but he's not the same guy as he was when the show first started. The old dd wouldnt of ever left the show that made him a STAR, for "movies...."

But its all good, he's a good guy and he came back for a final farewell to us the fans, and for that i thank him. Along with everyone else who has been on the show since it has started, and all the ones along the way. You guys did a great job, it is my favorite show and alwasy will be. May Xfiles rest in peace. hehe :) I mean LIVE ON FOREVERRRRRRR!!